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In this small article, we will try to briefly shed light on the Dakrumi website, and what are the most important topics that we offer through that site.

About dacromi location
Initially, the Dacromi site, which is primarily an educational site, through which we seek to present all topics related to many fields of education, religion, geographic and technical locations, to other areas.

This site was established in mid of 2019 and the purpose of its creation was to provide the information in an easy and smooth manner to the recipient, and enrich  content with educational topics,. And also to provide real and reliable information in order to spread scientific awareness and proper purification.

On this site you will find many different sections that you can view the latest topics and articles related to this section first Powell. You will find, for example:
Sections in the designated location

Department of Education.
It is the department responsible for providing many different and varied articles at all levels of education.
Islam section
In you will find newer articles on many cultural and educational topics, translations of some of the Sheikhs and two events, sermons, sermons, books, works, and translations.

Health department
Through this you will find in the newest articles about self-care, Arab nature recipes, related to human health, social phenomena,  customs and traditions inherited from one generation to the next. Other sections that are not mentioned in this brief article.

Therefore, as I mentioned if you are searching for a comprehensive site that avoids you from the hassle of searching on many sites or blogs, I advise you to follow the Dakrumi website,

Finally, thank you for your visit and we hope you will join our community and follow us on other social networking sites and pages